FMA, MBA, LLB, B.Sc (Engg.)

(Ex. IRS, Former Chief Commissioner of Income Tax)

India Canada Initiative (Trade & Investment)

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There is a surge   of opportunities emerging within the country ( India ) and globally .The economies are tough ,but it is rather cheap  and easy for the spirited and dedicated to launch the new business start ups as  an entrepreneur with the mentoring and expert advice  of professionals. Growing enterprises are also coming in increasing interface with the global markets competing for the space  in  expansion and the sourcing  of the materials .This has changed considerably  the outlook in international trade , logistics management and financial  services among other things.

The accelerated growth in business  and  enterprise is churning out growing number of  high and ultra net-worth individuals .Preservation and growth of their  rising private  wealth need  professional advice in Financial Planning & Wealth Management . In this process, tax solutions while  availing the  opportunities of tax reductions and deferral  measures , compliance to changing tax laws and litigation management are the ongoing challenges for  which one  needs   to be alert to make prompt response. With growing  international business , trade ,mergers and acquisitions and  financial services ,there are considerable issues in international taxation  for  the business and individuals  which  may invite  great costs and will require  planned and  focused attention  to avoid protracted and costly litigation.    

The ever emerging   challenges in understanding the international business enviornment , global competition, reaching out ,capturing and holding on  the global markets ,forging alliances for the joint ventures investments and international trade need dedicated and professional  approach .It is also  necessary to  develop the trust to inspire confidence through dedicated  professional engagements. Besides , long term growth  and sustainability of the business require strategic planning ,learning to change for the future while maximizing the performance today.

‘KSP STRATEGIC ADVISORS ‘ under the outstanding innovative  leadership of Mr. Kushal  Pathania  ( FMA .MBA. LLB.  B.Sc. Engineering ) have recognized the growing need for expert personalized advice and coaching in the areas of Tax solutions  including international taxation, Financial Planning & Wealth Management , Entrepreneurship development , Strategic Planning , International  trade and logistics management .While recognizing the large presence of the NRIs  demonstrating outstanding performance in business & enterprise ,public affairs and professional expertise  in Canada  and North America as such, a  Canada –India Initiative ( Trade & Investment ) has been launched to explore and capture  the opportunities not only in trade and investment ,but also to enhance the knowledge about the business and regulatory models of advanced economies.

Mr Kushal Pathania ,after obtaining the degrees in B.Sc Engg  & Tech. and MBA joined  IRS ( Indian Revenue Service )and further pursued education in law (LLB ) ,Financial Planning & Wealth Management  ( FMA designation from the Canadian Securities Institute ,Toronto ,Canada ) and International Trade and Logistics Management  .He worked at  locations all over India in positions of growing responsibility ,rising to the position of a Senior Chief Commissioner of income tax and was later associated as  Advisor with a leading company in Financial Planning & Wealth Management in Canada and a senior Director with a  non- profit NGO working in the area of education & development.

Mr Kushal Pathania possesses an excellent set of professional skills and extensive experience at a senior level  in the areas of Analysis of accounts and financial  statements ,Tax solutions, Tax litigation management ,International taxation including tax treaties ,mergers & acquisitions ,Strategic Planning,Entrepreneurship  guidance, Human Resource Development , Financial Planning & Wealth Management and  Effective Communication at a very senior level. He has developed an extensive  network of associates  and experts to effectively lead independently or jointly business/ professional delegations/teams inspiring confidence and cataloguing inputs for successful decision making in  both the domestic and international environment .He has studied and worked in North America and is conversant with the related business and regulatory environment.

With the diverse qualifications ,extensive and rich professional experience ,both in India and Canada, he possesses an impressive set of skills, entrepreneurial spirit ,outstanding leadership qualities  and the strong desire to help people accomplish their financial and business goals. He is highly motivated to encourage and inspire his team for achieving outstanding results for the clients /principals and the associates in the areas of work  undertaken .  His spirit of sincerity,  entrepreneurship drive  ,dedication and commitment to the work assigned , in depth understanding  of issues to face challenges  ,level of personal  trust  and innovative  leadership skills  have been highly  appreciated.